Ripped off for cancelling a booking with Travelodge

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I've made a reservation for a double room with Travelodge last year during the summer, on their website, and a few days before I actually needed to use the room, an opportunity came by with free housing, so I decided to see what steps needed to be made in order to cancel my booking with Travelodge and get my money back, or at least a part of it.

When you make a booking and you select the cheapest option, they should clearly outline the fact that it's non-refundable. On Travelodge website, such information is written in very small print somewhere at the botton of the page.

So, without finding that information clearly on the page, I clicked on the "See how you can cancel your booking now" in order to see more information. In one click, without showing me any warning steps or highlighted information, it just opened a pop-up telling me "Your booking has been canceled".

At this point, I was still waiting clueless for my money to return on my card.

I spoke to some mates and it seems this is a common practice for Travelodge, as I'm not the only person who's been ripped-off by a clever made website DESIGNED to rip-off everyone who might change their mind about their booking.

Good, now that I have this information I say it's time to call Travelodge and see if such a thieving practice is in place.

Surprise, the only number where I can actually talk to a human being at their head-office is a 2£/minute one. I was kept on hold for a good 10 minutes before someone actually picked up.

I explained my situation in full and told them it would be all right with me if they kept a procentage of the ammount for their trouble. They actually started shouting at me, telling me "That's what you get for picking the cheaper options".

No solutions, no common ground, a dodgy(to say the least website) and a head office staff that refuses to help or aknowledge their website flaws.

I consider myself ripped off, the ammount is not important, but the quality of service I did not even receive despite paying for was awfull. Never. Do. Anything. With. Travelodge. Ever. Again.

Thank you very much for granting me the opportunity of explaining my experiences with this dreadful company.

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