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I called Keys4U Locksmiths on a Sunday evening. The locksmith arrived in 45 minutes instead of the 30 promised.

The prices quoted on their websites are nowhere near what I was charged. I was charged £300 instead of the £69 quoted here - and it only took their locksmith 10 minutes to drill the lock.

I was then charged £1042.80 for a cylinder that actually costs £134.40. That's nearly 8 times its full retail price

The difference is £1042.80 - £134.40 = £908.40. I emailed Keys4U asking to be refunded the difference 7 days ago but they haven't addressed the issue. After 10 days, they haven't even been able to tell me which cylinder was installed.

On the top of that I was charged £70.80 for the replacement of the cylinder, a 5 minute job.

I am still waiting to be refunded the £908.40 I was overcharged.

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This seems to be a common tactic of Keys4U Locksmiths. In my case they charged almost £500 for a lock that should have cost only £100. They also charged for their labour. It's subsequently impossible to get them to respond to complaints.

The same thing happened to my elderly parents - sounds like a job for rip off Britain ? Shocking company and no reply from their office.

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