Anglian Home Improvements - rooftrim. Terrible experience.

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In September 2013, Anglian Home Improvements agreed a contract to undertake work for my (elderly - late 70s) parents' rooftrim - gutters, downspouts etc. This was due to start on 17 December 2013, to be completed in good time for Christmas. Unfortunately, the scaffolding had apparently not been arranged (!), was not there when the workmen arrived on 17 December and they could not, therefore, complete the work. Indeed, it was never even started. 

Worryingly, some of the communications received in the initial stages after the contract was agreed were often completely contradictory – for example, the Sales Representative (Saad Khaliq) advising that some of the work could be done without scaffolding (the team turning up to do the work clearly felt that it could not!) and whether or not the noggins and felt could be treated (as described on page 13 of the brochure). The Surveyor advised, after the contact including this was agreed, that it could not. 

Phonecalls made by both my Father and me were ignored, the £600 deposit my parents paid retained from September 2013 and was only repaid in February 2014 after repeated requests and we were lied to on two occasions about contact with my Father. I contacted them by phone on several occasions from 8 January and wrote to them initially on 27 January 2014 outlining the issues, repeating earlier requests for repayment of the deposit (which request I had to repeat further, due to several promises to repay it remaining unfulfilled for some weeks) and asking Messrs Andy McNutt (Chief Executive) and Barry Chilvers (Customer Services Manager) to consider a compensatory payment for the anxiety caused to my elderly payments over Christmas and New Year. They failed to address this, and eventually (when reminded of the point) attempted to deflect it by focus on financial loss – which we had never claimed. I see this as a pitiful and disgraceful attempt to sidestep the company’s ethical responsibilities. Not that I was surprised, as I never saw ethics as being very high on the company’s agenda. It took several further emails from me to these senior people within the company before the deposit was finally repaid.

Naturally, I have copies of all my correspondence to the various parties (including the Chief Executive and ‘Customer Services Manager’ – the senior executives to whom I’ve just referred) and the responses I received constituted what I considered to be disappointing but unsurprising reading. In my opinion, none of the people I dealt with at Anglian ‘Home Improvements’ (my inverted commas) is to be trusted – to turn up with the necessary equipment to carry out contracted work, to return all phone calls or promptly to repay their disappointed customers’ deposits.

 I also take a dim view of the people who lied to me and my Mother about fictitious conversations with my Father in which they alleged that he agreed a date for the work to take place – a claim which, in the circumstances, beggars belief. Mr Abid Hussain, in the Bolton Sales Team, told me that he had been told that my Father had been contacted. I believe that the other person - who claimed to my Mother that he'd spoken to my Father was John Hood, but this may not be the case. I've not had the chance to verify this as Mr Hood is one of the Installations team who failed to respond to several telephone calls, only somewhat belatedly emailing me to arrange contact long beyond the stage when I'd escalated the matter to more senior levels, given his reluctance to engage.

When I mentioned comments from other disappointed Anglian ‘Home Improvements’ Abid Hussain tried to persuade me that these comments were put there largely by Anglian's competitors! Having my intelligence insulted does nothing to incline me pleasantly towards the individuals attempting it. The strapline on their business cards reads ‘Raising the standard’ – I’ve asked myself ‘from what to what?’ And on page 12 of their glossy brochure you will find the heading ‘Care and attention from start to completion’. If they hadn’t behaved with what, in my view, constitutes incompetence, lack of professionalism, dishonesty and disdain towards their customers I might find that funny.

I would not trust these people to put up a hanging basket. Even given the opportunity to do the right thing in terms of promptly returning the deposit and making a token compensatory payment, it took them months to do the former and they were completely disinclined to do the latter. One would imagine that any professional and ethical organisation would grasp the opportunity to do at least something positive that could have been reflected in this review. I hope that any business lost as a result of the behaviours I’ve described here will teach the company the many lessons it clearly needs to learn.

My personal request to you is that, if you’ve read this (and, of course, other similarly dismal reviews) and decided to take your business elsewhere as a result, then please contact the Chief Executive (Andy McNutt)or Customer Services Manager (Barry Chilvers)and let them know.

This website permits me to publish the names. The email address format appears to be ‘’. If we all did this with all the companies out there who think it’s fine to behave in such a manner, perhaps they might, indeed, make some effort to ‘Raise the standard’.

However, given the lack of integrity I myself have observed, that may not be realistic!

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The substance of your complaint, as described in this post, all seems spot on. Anglian definitely let you down, and - as a result - you cancelled the job and they returned your deposit (after having to be pushed several times).

However, as soon as I see this...

" [asked Anglian] to consider a compensatory payment for the anxiety caused to my elderly payments [sic] over Christmas and New Year"

...alarm bells start going off. Why did you ask for compensation? Are you seriously suggesting that the fact that Anglian failed (spectacularly) to change your parents' gutters caused them anxiety to a level that they need to be compensated? And why didn't you give Anglian the opportunity to offer some form of compensation or gesture of apology? Instead you waded straight in at director level to "ask them to consider" compensation.

In other words, things went wrong, you cancelled the contract and demanded compensation up front. And you wonder why you didn't get it.

Nothing excuses Anglian's failure to fulfill their promises, but wading in and asking for compensation - as if you somehow have a right to it - reflects badly on you too.

OMG. I wish I had read this before I paid Anglian!!! Barry Chilvers so called CEO Customer Service Manager also ignored my numerous calls and email complaints. It would be about 100 in total. The issue is still going on without any resolve. They damaged my property and still didn't fix it. The builders built with wrong measurements so they had to knock some of the building down and start again!!! Complete incompetence. Use Anglian if you want lots of headaches, stress, waste of your time, effort and money. I will never ever use them Again.

I also had major problems with Anglian Group and when I e-mailed Barry Chilvers about the complaints, including not being able to get in to my garge for over 6 weeks he deleted the e-mail without even reading it. VERY POOR customer service.

I have to agree with all of the above. Absolutely disgusting service from this company. My beautiful house now leaks. They have destroyed my office ceiling and my main bedroom. They have left piles ad rubbish at the house. No regard for my property. Numerous roof tiles damaged far beyond being of any use. Felt roof torn. Render to house chipped. Cladding on house filth and damaged. Gutters missing. Water pouring into house. I could go on. Added to that they never complete the work thoroughly not respond to complaints properly. I would never use this company again even if you paid me.

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