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I had windows installed by Anglian Windows in 2010. At the time of installation I was told that all windows are covered by a standard 15 year warranty.

One of the reasons why I went with Anglian was because they offered this 15 year warranty.

Things were fine up until December 2017 when one morning, my wife shut the window in the morning. As she shut it, the outside window broke. A few shards fell to the ground while most of the window – almost 70% still remains on the window itself.

I promptly called Anglian and reported the incident. When I called the Anglian people there was no mention of the warranty being inapplicable under any circumstance. Within 10 days, an Anglian Service Engineer visited us. He inspected the window. During inspection and immediately thereafter he didn’t mention anything about inapplicability of warranty. In fact I asked him when this window would get replaced and he said it would happen in the first fortnight of January.

A week later, I get a quote for £ 159.70 for replacement of the window. I called Anglian to check, and I was informed that since the damage was ‘outside’. It was also clearly mentioned had it been inside damage it would have been covered.

I escalated this matter to the Salesperson – John Owen who sold me these windows. He saw my point and assured me that he’d discuss with Anglian and get things sorted. He also mentioned to me that since this window was on the first floor Anglian’s plea of the window being ‘outside’ was a specious one.

I spoke with their service manager, Wayne who insisted on their plea of the window being outside. When I tried to present my view point, he talked over me and hung up the phone – literally slammed the phone on me.

I called the Anglian Customer Services Number – 0800 988 9398 – and spoke with their contracts controller, Hannah Cole. I explained the whole situation to her and explained to her that I wish to escalate the matter to a senior manager At Anglian. I was given the name of Ian O’Donnell their Regional Operations Manager and was told that he’d call me in the next 2-3 days.

I followed up a few times and each time I was told Ian is busy and would call me.  Finally, I received an email saying I would receive a letter from Anglian explaining their position.

I waited for one whole week and finally called them again on 18th January. On 18th January I was told that the letter would be sent in 3 working days. I was clearly unhappy with this state of affairs and told them as much. After repeated follow ups I finally received an email from Hannah Cole stating that  the window damage was not covered under the warranty.. I once again re-iterated my points. Hannah then called me back asking me to send a photograph of the window which I promptly emailed to them. Within 30 minutes of my email I received a message stating that this damage was not covered. When I queried them on the reason Hannah mentioned to me that the contract has a clause which states –

Damage due to purchaser, animals, insects, rodents or others, accident, storm, flood, neglect, misuse, faultsor premature deterioration which result from the purchasers failure to comply with any maintenance instructions printed on the reverse of the guarantee or on any relevant manufacturers guarantee

Nowhere in this clause is there any mention of impact. Neither is there any mention of Inside/Outside damage. Neither is there any mention of outside damage being covered.

If I have to analyse the various conversations I had with Anglian it becomes quite apparent that clauses in their contract are very general in nature and do not mention the word ‘impact’. It also doesn’t mention outside impact not being covered.

This is clearly a case of Anglian wriggling drawing their own conclusion and wriggling out of hteir liability..

I have eventually had to pay Anglian to get my window installed. But

All customers/prospective customers of Anglian beware !... The Anglian warranty is subject to the whims and fancies of the Anglian managers.

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I have a conservatory..

It leaks like a collandar , all venting is from the loft space, and a very reputable Structural Engineer firm says that it should be demolished!! My walls are wet, floor rotted, and doors don't close due to movement

If you want action, sue for Breach of Contract and negligence tort if you are over six years for a claim

You are time barred after six years which makes a mockery of the Warranty 

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