Anglian - A catalogue of errors and poor customer service.

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My oartner and I in spite of all the poor reviews went ahead and ordered 6 windows from anglian and 2 doors. the price was incredibly close to those quoted by smaller, local companies so we decided to go ahead.

Alarm bells started ringing when our designs were posted to us - completely not what we asked for! several phone calls to the rep who assured us he would sort it out did not put us at ease!

The surveyor then contacted us and managed to chase up the corrections (or so we thought!) with the rep making a hasty Sunday morning visit to redraw the window to our spec BUT leaving out the sash bix conversion needed for 3 of these!

So, nearly 3 months down the road we have recieved a change of contract with price increase to more than £2000 to cover mainly these 3 missing sash box conversions.

I would like to believe that this is sheer incompetence, however the cynic in me wonders if this is how the quote was given so low - miss something off then add it on when committed!

Rather than getting a refund (sometime) for our deposit I've tried to resolve this matter. I've called the rep (no reply) I've called the showroom (no call back from the manager) I've emailed customer care (no response yet) I also tried to call but had to hang up after more than 30 minutes on hold being assured I was next.

In short, bitterly disappointed and will endeavour to make sure that no friends or family members would ever inflict themselves with a purchase from a company so eager to take money, but so disinclined to provide any form of customer service even at this stage.

In reality I should actually thank you for messing up so comprehensively. I dread to think what would happen if I had purchased from you and had issues further down the road.

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