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I had to call on the Able Group because it was a Sunday and my bedroom window would not shut, a mechanism had snapped and the window tilted in a strange angle thus allowing me no ability to shut it. I contacted them and was quoted a price of £98+vat = £117.60 total. I agreed for them to send out a locksmith to get this problem sorted so that i could shut the window and lock it.

The locksmith turned up and within 2 minutes had managed to get the window shut but the mechanism was still broken. He asked me if i wanted to order a new part but i said i was happy with it being shut as we will be replacing the windows early next year. He proceeded to remind me the total cost of this call out £117.60 and said himself he cannot believe he is having to charge this for less than 2 minutes of work. 

I contacted Able Group to see if they could do anything about this as i felt i was well overcharged for this service.  They reminded me it was agreed in the phone contract when i rang earlier, i am now writing to senior managers to see if i can get some of the money back, the window is shut but not fixed, if parts were included and it was fixed properly i can understand the charge a bit more but this is not the case. The staff and the locksmith himself i can not fault, all very helpful but the price, way way too much Able Group. 

I will keep you posted if they do gesture me some money back.

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