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I would recommend you stay away from this company - paid a deposit to secure a car vx57FOD advertised at 20,000 miles, the dealer said its definetely under 21,000 miles because he has being using it personally and didnt want it to go over the 21 as it would reduce the value slightly (via phone call) - I paid a £200 deposit and the finance company rang him for the details of the car, upon further inspection the finance company rejected them as a dealer because they didnt meet their criteria (i.e that they are a reputable dealer, they trade from a business premises and not a friends house, they have a stock list of at least 20 cars, VAT registered, LTD company etc.) The finance company said as an ultimatum we could do an AA full check on the car but the dealer said he doesnt trust the AA and they are useless and the £300 pound it costs is a waste of money. Anyway this was explained to the dealer I logged into the DVLA website to get the mileage details of the car only to find the mileage was over the advertised mileage over 2 years ago.. wait there advertised at 20k miles but DVLA site says 22k in 2010 so in the past 3 years the car has gone down in miles.. I put this information to the dealer and they fumbled in their responses and sent over service stamps which were clearly useless. The latest service stamp was from AMP Electronics which is not even a car/garage dealer/fixer.. Need I say more? My advice would be to stay away from this company.. Needless to say i'm still waiting for my £200 deposit back.

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