Do not use Able group took money of my card without authorisation

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First this is an intermeady company the money they charge can be four times that if you ring direct use them if you want to overpay massively.

I had a quote for a house to change a set of patio door locks was quoted 160 and paid on my card they stated that if there was any extra charge they would ring me and I would authorise it. I gave them my card number as requested .

The next morning I found out they taken £324 off my card saying that there was two locks even know when I book the job I said it was a set of patio doors.

The real issue was they took this money without even asking me they stole it from my card. When I rang them the next day are rude very rude member of customer service said they can do that it was only my persistent ringing that I finally managed to get a refund but this took nearly 2 weeks and they only refunded me £90 so I'm still left with a huge bill basically the extra lock cost £160 I know I can buy this lot for £20 .

The locksmith that come out I have spoken to and he would've done the job for £80 this is an intermediary company they are just out to make as much money as they can and then use local tradesto do the work just ring the local trades and save yourself a massive fortune.

I have reported this company to trading standards

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