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I searched for a tailgate micro switch for a Nissan Micra via 1st Choice. First to call was this company. I was quoted £42 for the part and given the assurance that they would send me confirmation through the 1st Choice interface. Then I received several calls for clarification asking whether it was the outside handle or the internal part. I sent them a photo of my tail gate. The merchandise arrived a day later and it was a silver handle/lock to the tailgate with rust. My vehicle is black so I promptly mailed the item back by recorded delivery and notified the company by email.

They acknowledged receipt of the item and promised to refund me in 3 working days minus charges for delivery and handling cancellation. This was the start of several email exchanges where I informed them that the price quoted included the inbound delivery charge which I'd already paid for and the outbound recorded delivery charge which I'd also paid for. They referred me to their terms and conditions. This did not form part of their invoice nor was it attached as a separate copy. I found that on their website. The only charges applicable relate to items returned after the statutory (which they spell as statuary) 14 day period.
I reminded them that the item was returned within the statutory cooling of period.

The company continued to insist that they reserved the right to charge a cancellation fee of 30% because it wasn't their fault that I ordered a silver coloured item. I sent them a photograph of what a micro a micro switch which I'd ordered from another company looked like. It showed the entire mechanism as made up of a switch, bracket and cables as opposed to the "rusted handle" they mailed to me.

This is a company that is desperate to rip customers off. They do not any understanding or are hell bent on flouting consumer legislation regardless of the harm that it does to their business. They have no business ethic and are oblivious to the fact that satisfied customers always return and recommend the business to others. I am yet to receive a full refund. I've never harboured hatred in my heart but Foreign car spares is a company I do not wish well. As sure as night follows day, the proprietors will get their comeuppance.

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