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UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

i ordered some items which were required for a project with a fixed completion date. The items were shown as in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

All documentation via email showed good promise but it wasn't until i logged on to my account to check progress that alarm bells began to ring... my delivery status was showing as completed!

Conveyancing Direct Solicitors Glagsow: Avoid at all costs. Unprofessional, appauling customer service, rude and abusive staff and senior partners.

Business name: 
Conveyancing Direct Solicitors Glagsow

A member of staff at Conveyancing Direct Glasgow uses the residents car park within my complex, she took it upon herself to be abusive to myself and a witness regarding where we had parked (in our own car park) 

The lady in question then became extremely aggressive, shouting and swearing with vile vernacular -  verbatim 'don't give two shits' is just a small exert from the conversation.


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gift ideas for two

having received a £50 gift voucher at Christmas we proceeded to register and receive our usable £50 voucher, after the traumatic experience of finally obtaining the voucher you then try and book a theatre ticket on limited days of the week at a limited number of theatres. You find one, Wicked ! no literally Wicked in Londons Apollo, Victoria. you go on line and try to book the tickets but you can't, the seats you want are £33.00 each...

Complete rip off merchants. Maydek Home Improvements

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Maydek Home Improvements

Complete rip off merchants, not least the MD, who uses reassuring and promising language to entice you into a false sense of security and to part with your cash. Once you've fully paid the delivery, fitting, product are a shambles and there is no after sales service at all. We spent a substantial amount of money and have definitely NOT received value for money. Be wary of lies - fitting is outsourced and MD takes no responsibility or cares about completion of the job.

Traditional Pub Breaks - but no room at the Inn! (gift ideas for two)

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gift ideas for two

I have just had a most upsetting experience at the hands of 'Gift Ideas For Two'. To save others from a similar experience, let me share it with you.

Last Christmas (2013), my wife bought me a 'Traditional Inns & Pubs Break' from 'Gift Ideas For Two'. She paid £79 for the gift which entitles us to one night's free board (excluding all meals) in selected pubs and inns around the UK.


Business name: 
UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

This is a terrible company to deal with, they take the money out of your account immediately, then do nothing. 

I've been waiting 10 days now for an order to be posted out and the status of my order still says 'in progress'. 

Emails are not answered and they don't answer the phone either. My experience seems typical of what other

people have experienced. Avoid this company at all costs, they are nothing but a bunch of rogues.

quick and friendly service, i think not - Fleetwood Commercial and Domestic Landscaping

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Fleetwood Commercial and Domestic Landscaping

 aka... fred jennings of fleetwood timber, this company was hired to build a summerhouse. he took the deposit then kept stalling as to why he couldn't start the job. he also advertises under the name of... trees r us jennings on facebook... j daniels carpentry on facebook claiming to do a fast and friendly service he is nothing but a conman and the scum of the earth so if you live in the norfolk area,  he's based in toftwood don't hire him. - Refund Shirkers

Business name: Limited

Stay away from these Chumps

Made an innocent enough looking purpose for 4 Bottles of Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.

Started off a really decent price until they added VAT and 6 quid for Delivery I was tired last night so took payment of these.

Upon receiving my Invoice I have called to query their pricing as 4 bottles for £17.45 is

Ridiculous! So anyway I called them and have been hung up on 5 times told first time I can cancel on the phone.

Fairshout Media/Records Recording Studio

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Fairshout Media
Fairshout Recording

Mr Josh Faulkner! Beware of this amateur!!! Takes your money and doesn't provide goods. Initially this seemed like a good local studio. Promised full recording, mixing and mastering of a number of songs for my sons band. Paid up in full with the promise of a release date of 27th December 2013. Guess what?? Still waiting!!!!

Daily Poppins UK Maidenhead, it is outrageous and shameful to work as

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Daily Poppins
My partner and me have been extremly disapointed, when we came to our apartment on saturday to prepare it for the check out, by the job done for the expected "professional cleaning".  I think it is outrageous to pay such an amount for a so poor work.  All the job done should take maximum half an hour for 1 not professional person.


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